Hydravive 20

Serum with a high concentration of active ingredients (20%) for a hydrating and revitalizing action. The polyphenols of grape seeds and the vitamin A have an antioxidant action and protect collagen and elastin from the negative effects of free radicals. This action is reinforced by the super oxide dimutase enzyme, which delays the skin aging. Urea, sodium hyaluronate, polysaccharids and chitosan improve the epidermis’ capacity of retaining water and therefore provide comfort and suppleness to the skin. Vitamins B5, F and the zinc-manganese complex activate the cellular renewal, for a brighter and firmer skin.

Main ingredients

  • polyphenols of grape seeds
  • Vitamin E
  • super oxide dimutase enzyme
  • sodium hyaluronate
  • polysaccharids and chitosan
  • Vitamins B5, F
  • zinc-manganese complex


Serum - cream