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Since the launch of the "Black Mask" in 1971, Rémy Laure has been providing beauticians with the benefits of Moortherapy (beauty treatments from the Earth). Since the beginning, the earth has nourished human beings, and now, thanks to it, they have regained their original beauty.

This experience of natural beauty, Rémy Laure combines it with the constant search for the best ingredients of modern cosmetics to offer you effective and authentic formulas.

and skin

The search for natural products in beauty care is necessary to meet the demands of a stressful and polluted life. Rémy Laure was a pioneer in the use of products rich in minerals and trace elements (see Moortherapy page for more information).

In the new 2019 mineral range, advanced techniques are once again combined with the ancestral virtues of minerals. Rémy Laure combines the most precious active ingredients (diamond, gold, jade, black pearl) with remarkable plant extracts (black orchid, tsubaki oil, black rose...) for exceptional beauty products.

Beauty salon expertise

Since its inception in 1971, the Rémy Laure brand has chosen to rely on the professionalism of beauticians to advise and explain its products to customers seeking original, high-quality solutions for their beauty, and to apply its specific cabin care protocols.

This choice has never been denied and only qualified beauticians now distribute our products in all countries where the brand is present.

Rémy Laure has long appreciated the technical but above all human qualities of her beautician clients who, through their loyalty, testify to their attachment to the brand. The increasing number of beauty salons distributing Rémy Laure products demonstrates the growing interest of women in moor therapy.

Since 1921

Present in
1100 beauty salons
around the world

The founder of Rémy Laure was convinced by the effectiveness of mud treatments on his health and skin during a long stay in the mountains. He rightly thought that this resolutely natural and effective "Moor Therapy" would be very successful despite its application constraints. Thus in 1971, the Rémy Laure range was launched for beauty salons and received an enthusiastic welcome.

Present on the beauty and fragrance market since 1921, the same family manages the company and thus guarantees stability, loyalty and quality to its customers. The 4th generation is preparing to join Rémy Laure to guarantee its future.

The brand is present in more than 1100beauty salons in 21 countries to date.

Our laboratories are constantly looking for new ingredients, formulas and textures to adapt to customer needs.

The European standard for the manufacture of cosmetics is the highest in the world. All stages of manufacturing (from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of finished products) follow the standard NF EN ISO 22716 (B.P.F: Good Manufacturing Practices).

The formulas of Rémy Laure products are developed using the most modern techniques. They undergo numerous tests that validate their effectiveness, stability, and safety for the skin.

Approved techniques

ISO 22716 standard

Historical know-how

Professional brand

Rémy Laure thanks you for
your interest and hopes that you will be satisfied with its products and beauty treatments.
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