What is the

Moortherapy ?

Rémy Laure has searched all over the world for all earthly mud, pure, likely to enhance beauty.

Extracted from the heart of our earth (alpine valleys, lakes, wild countryside), enriched by centuries of slow evolution, protected from pollution, these muds from the different continents are carefully studied to allow the most efficient rational use.

Each mud has particular benefits, exploited by Rémy Laure to energize your beauty. Natural, generous, effective, Moortherapy is the solution to environmental aesthetic "worries". Since the beginning, the earth has nourished human beings, now thanks to it, they regain their original beauty.


The search for natural products in beauty care is now very fashionable to meet the demands of the stressful and polluted life of the 21st century. Rémy Laure, thanks to the Black Mask and Moor Mud, was a precursor. This mud contains a multitude of trace elements and minerals that have been proven to enhance the beauty of the skin.

Life leads to cellular fatigue (stress, pollution, chemical aggression, poor diet, aging, etc.). In order for the skin not to reflect this loss of cellular energy, it must be supplied with the necessary fuel via the work of the mitochondria. Inside the cells are small plants that use adenosine tri-phosphate, or ATP. This ATP, in the biochemistry of every living Being, provides the energy necessary for the chemical reactions of the metabolism. These include magnesium, copper and zinc, which "feed" the mitochondria. The alteration of these power plants creates an accumulation of cellular toxins, a drop in their immune defence, a slowed metabolism. Bioelectricity is normally present in the skin but with age, it decreases in intensity (-50% at 65 years old) which slows down the cellular metabolism. The minerals act like mini batteries that stimulate their activity.

Minerals have a precise role, they act in synergy, they maintain the skin's PH values, prevent the effect of free radicals, stimulate energy metabolism, optimize cellular respiration. Our body possesses them but cannot produce them, so it is essential to provide it with mineral-rich products in order to avoid aesthetic disturbances that are detrimental to the beauty of healthy skin. In the new 2019 mineral range, cutting-edge techniques combine the ancestral virtues of minerals to optimize the results of beauty products. Remy Laure combines the most precious active ingredients (diamond, gold, jade, black pearl) with remarkable plant extracts (black orchid, tsubaki oil, black rose...) for exceptional beauty products.



Since ancient times, the use of mud has been called FANGOTHERAPY (derived from the term FANGO) or PELOTHERAPY (from the Greek PELOS = mud). This sludge has been used on site for therapeutic purposes since ancient times. Pliny (23-79 AD), in his "Natural History", reports these uses of mud and thermal water since Greek, Roman etc. An empirical way, at a time when there was no scientific measuring device, local customs or observations often refer to the healing of wounded animals that had rolled in the mud. Prehistoric remains (paintings, sculptures, objects) venerating the gods have been found near the thermal spas, which proves the very ancient use of these sites. These often hot mud and water gushing out of the earth had a supernatural power for these ancient peoples who found in these places a relief to their ills. Temples deifying these springs were erected near these stations.

In France, the Gauls had their god of springs, Borvo, whose derivatives gave rise to spas such as Bourbonne, Bourbon Lancy, Le Bourboule, Barbotan. The Romans invading Gaul and great builders of the thermalism, are going to associate the Gallic and Latin divinities. The first period of prosperity of the thermalism was Gallo-Roman.

mud classification

Each so-called "thermal" mud differs in its composition, its mode of application or its therapeutic action. However, a definition was given in 1949 in Dax by the International Society of Medical Hydrology:

"A peloid is a natural product consisting of a mixture of mineral water (including sea water and salt lake water) with organic or inorganic matter, the result of geological and biological processes, used for therapeutic purposes in the form of wraps or baths".

The mud was classified in different ways according to the different elements.

As a general rule, mud can be classified in 2 categories:

- Peat: residue of the slow progressive decomposition of plants more or less mixed with mineral matter, often called MOOR, a Germanic term meaning peat.

Peat takes several hundred years to create. The chemical composition varies with the degree of decomposition and according to the depths sampled. It has a sanitizing power (used during the Napoleonic wars as a bandage) and a preserving power (trees in good condition, animals and all kinds of objects have been found).

The Moor Research Institute and the International Moor Research Society have demonstrated through numerous congresses that the effects of moor are based on the following 5 characteristics: Astringent, Absorbent, Ion Exchanger, Cellular Stimulation, Antiphlogistic

- Alluvium or sediment: residues abandoned by underground rivers or not, or a mixture of a clay substrate and a biological phase or of volcanic origin.

Sedimentary mud is generally poor in plants (unlike peat) but very rich in minerals. The richness in trace elements and minerals explains their interest in cosmetics.


City air is charged with large + ions and low in - ions. Oxygen is charged with ion-. The positive charge can be brought by certain winds, storm clouds, smoking, synthetic materials, heating and air conditioning systems, automotive, industrial and domestic pollution. The most dangerous are the cathode ray tubes, real ion+ cannons and computer screens that trap ions -.
On the other
hand, ions - are formed under the influence of :

- The chlorophyll function of terrestrial and aquatic plants (release of oxygen loaded with ions -).
- UV rays above 1000 m altitude.
- Soil radioactivity.
- Storms.
- Air friction on certain plants: tribo-electricity or the CORONA effect.
- The LENARD effect: shock of moving water on the rocks or shock of water droplets between them (hence the presence of 50,000 ions - at the foot of a waterfall in the mountains).

The earth is negatively charged and represents a reserve of ions -. This reserve is naturally supplied with certain ions by rainwater and certain soil bacteria.

Ions - have been called "air vitamins". Peats like MOOR are negatively charged.

Thanks to the passage of ions through the skin, the epidermis is no longer a barrier but an exchange surface.

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