Moisturizing reconstructing serum - D.N.A. Line

(bottle 30 ml)

Non-greasy restorative serum for all skin types. Embio-vital A.D.N. reinforces the elasticity and flexibility of the stratum corneum with moisturizing* and stimulating active ingredients. The high concentration of soluble collagen stimulates the epidermis, which restores its natural defences and optimizes its fight against various aggressions (climate, pollution, fatigue). * of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Texture :
rich serum
Skin types :
all skins
Use :
apply in the morning and in the evening, under your cream.
100% Made in France

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Active ingredients
Soluble collagen
Actions : hydratant*, stimulant
Marine DNA
Actions: moisturizing*, stimulating
Honey Extract
Actions: moisturising*, softening
Active ingredients
Wheat proteins Barley Arnica
Apply in the morning and/or evening to clean skin (face and neck).
Gently massage until complete penetration.
Can be used alone or under your day or night cream.

How to apply the D.N.A. embio-vital ?

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